WEG organized a meeting on Energy Security in Georgia

On June 19th, 2017, WEG organized a meeting on Energy Security in Georgia with the aim of supporting qualified dialogue between experts and decision makers to successfully resolve the problems existing with this regard.

Invited guests overviewed current status of energy security, discussed main challenges and requirements of the EU directives and the steps for their introduction in Georgia.

Participants discussed the problems in electricity, natural gas, biomass sectors and etc. One of the biggest challenge, mentioned during the meeting was development of hydro energy and improvement of investment environment. Currently the energy generated in Georgia is more expensive than imported energy.

There are some major problems in gas sector as well. Despite existing monopoly (Azerbaijan is main supplier) gas prices are deregulated in Georgian regions which causes different problems. Experts underlined the importance of strategic planning and long term vision on energy sector development.

At the end of the meeting participants draw attention to the ineffective usage of fire wood that causes forest degradation, energy poverty and related problems, but wood as energy resource is not under the competence of the Ministry of energy.

Representatives of the Ministry of Energy noted, that they are working on primary legislation which will be followed up by different regulations and reform plans.