• Research in Problem Areas. Exploration of international best practices, policy making, governance and regulatory practices and modern technologies applicable to emerging concrete problems;
  •  Analyses and Reviews. Periodic analyses of developments in energy and environmental protection areas including policies, legislation, governance, regulatory, structural and operational issues;
  • Informing. Disseminating the information on concrete problems to government and non-government agencies, international organizations, academic institutions, politicians and wide public, through the Internet, mass media, WEG-sponsored publications, workshops, seminars and meetings, public information campaigns;
  • Education. Preparation of focused training courses, seminars and workshops for students, specialists, public officials, companies operating in the energy and environmental sectors, mass-media, non-government organizations, etc; WEG has established Energy and Sustainable Development institute at Ilia State University. In collaboration with the institute WEG has developed Master program "Energy and Mineral Resources Management and Sustainable Development". 
  • Public Discussions. Facilitation of open public dialogue on energy and environmental issues for increased public awareness and transparent policymaking processes;
  • Consulting. Project-specific analyses, reviews, feasibility studies, environmental impact assessments etc. Analyses of policy and strategy options, new legislation, sector-related and regional development plans and strategic environmental assessments;
  • Other Activities for promotion of the best world practices and knowledge in the fields of energy and environment