WEG Offers Consultations to Political Parties

World Experience for Georgia (WEG) will help political parties to prepare and improve energy chapter of their manifestos. In previous Georgian elections, political parties have promoted populist and sometimes unrealistic premises they can rarely keep. Energy Tariffs and new infrastructural projects become the subject of debates in pre-election period. Party representatives make nonrealistic promises about tariff reduction, HPP constructions and employment opportunities, energy security improvement and etc. These announcements do not consider long term interests of voters and more importantly, have a negative impact on country’s energy security and independent. Our main goal is to enhance Georgia’s energy security and contribute to economic development by strengthening country’s energy policy and awareness raising. With this aim, under OSGF project, we will monitor the party programs during the run up to the elections and implementation of the vining party’s program after the election. We are ready for individual consultations as well and support parties with factual or analytical materials related to the energy sector. We will regularly update media with monitoring results and present final recommendations at the conference 10 days before the elections. The conference participants will include public and private sector representatives as well as CSOs and international donor organizations.