One day training workshop for Condominium Associations (CA) on Energy Efficiency (EE) measures and financing possibilities was held at Wood Service building on October 26. The workshop was organized in the framework ofNATELI program conducted by “WInrock International” and funded by USAID. The main objective of the training was to present the final results of energy audit of residential buildings to CA members of examined buildings and to give practical recommendation for implementation of suggested measures.

The training was attended by leaders of Condominiums from various residential building of Tbilisi, representatives of Tbilisi Corps and City Hall and  Winrock International.

The objective of the training was to familiarize the community representatives with the results of Energy Audits (EA) conducted in common areas of 12 typical residential buildings of Tbilisi, to inform them about possible EE measures in their common areas, their technical characteristics, costs and benefits as well as recommendations for implementation (presented by WEG). The methods and practices of energy efficient construction, modern EE materials and standards were shown at the small excursion around Wood Service building by General Director, Zaal Kheladze. Environmental benefits of implementation of energy efficiency measures were discussed by invited Mitigation and Adaptation Hydrometeology and Climate Change Division, Expert DR Juan Carlos Mejia. In his presentation Dr Carlos Mejia discussed possibility of using carbon credits for co-financing the EE projects.

WEG was represented at training by Paata Tsintsadze and Murman Margvelashvili who made presentations on project overview and weatherization measures, lighting and elevator upgrades as well as cost benefit analysis, financing options and recommendations for energy efficiency in residential buildings of Tbilisi. Additionally, energy credit calculator that was prepared by WEG was showed to CAs in order to facilitate their decisions on financing EE measures through Energy Credit loans.