A Strategic Planning Workshop was held in Kiev on June7-11 in the framework of SYNENERGY strategic planning (SSP) program, conducted jointly by USAID and Hellenic Aid in 10 countries (Contracting Parties and Observers to Athens Energy Community Treaty) including  Georgia.

The goal of the workshop was for national Planning Teams to complete and report on their first set of policy analysis runs related to:

  • Renewable energy targets and potential;
  • Energy Efficiency potential in interaction with renewable targets, and
  • Selected national priorities such as energy security and Climate Change

The workshop was attended by Ministry Coordinators from participating countries who reviewed the results of the assessments, discussed the possibility of making data and model results available to a wider audience and the ways of using the developed planning capacity to contribute to their policy formulation deliberations.

WEG planning team was represented at the workshop by Natalia Shatirishvili who presented the current state of Georgia model and discussed the major data and technical problems to be resolved for its further development.

The first stage of work is expected to be finalized by the end of January 2010.