In the framework of Long-term Strategic Planning project international workshop on MARKAL model improvements and scenario development was held on January 23-27 in Kiev. Representatives of 9 project participant countries attended workshop. The workshop was devoted to model improvements, development and runs of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency scenarios for CO2 emissions mitigation analysis. The results presented by country teams were discussed on the common roundtable.

A meeting was held with Ukrainian government authorities, USAID mission, European commission, World Bank and other international donor organizations to present the model capacities and outcomes with special focus on Ukrainian model. Similar meetings with government authorities are going to be held in all participating countries. In Georgia such a meeting is planned for the beginning of March where the main results of the model will be presented to the Ministry of Energy as well as sector entities and International organizations.

WEG was represented at the workshop by Natalia Shatirishvili a researcher in energy studies who presented the Georgian model at the workshop. The improvements made in the model will help to better represent Georgian energy sector and to analyze the scenarios of particular interest for strategic decision making.

Anna Sikharulidze is a lead expert in development of both Georgian and Armenian models. Recent joining of the project by Armenia has added the important regional context to this significant planning effort.