Regional Workshop on Assessment of Power Sector Reform In Asia and the Pacific

On 5–6 July 2012 the Asian Development Bank (ADB), has organized at ADB Headquarters in Manila a regional inception workshop to launch its research and development technical assistance (RDTA)—Assessment of Power Sector Reform in Asia and the Pacific.

The RDTA aims to review and assess ongoing power sector reform in selected developing member countries in Asia and the Pacific, where the power sector development agenda remains high in the development strategy and policy priorities of the national government; and has achieved significant physical, economic, and institutional reform milestones that have demonstrated either successful outcomes or generated relevant experiences and lessons useful for other ADB member countries.

The inception workshop aimed to:  introduce the RDTA and its components, provide a platform to present country and regional experiences on power sector development and reforms, and  facilitate knowledge-sharing on power sector reform policies and strategies to achieve more sustainable power sector development. The country case presentations highlighted the power sector reform experiences from Georgia, Sri Lanka, and Viet Nam.

The first deputy minister of energy and natural resources M.Valishvili, commissioner of GNERC S.Maskhi, and experts I.Kavtaradze and M.Margvelashvili participated in the workshop. I.Kavtaradze and Murman Margvelashvili made apresentation on of Georgian power sector, policies and strategies of its reform and development. Evolution of power sector development policies and strategies in Georgiawas reviewed, focusing on the sector reforms, to promote sustainable power sector development. Policy achievements, challenges, and future directions were also discussed.