How to ensure long-term Energy Security

On January 25, 2017 workshop How to ensure long-term Energy Security was held at Rooms Hotel Tbilisi, Georgia. Public sector and civil society representatives discussed Georgia’s energy security challenges at the workshop.

Deputy Minister of Energy Mariam Valishvili, WEG director Murman Margvelasvili, and Chairman of the Atlantic Council of Georgia Dvid Sikharulidze were the speakers at the meeting moderated by Kakha Gogolashvili from Rondel Foundation.

Mr. Margvelashvili spoke about the importance of energy security and situation in Georgia with this regard. He highlighted the negative aspects of non-existing long term strategic planning practice in Georgian energy sector.

The main part of the workshop was devoted to the discussion on new agreement with “Gazprom Export”. According to the agreement, Georgia shifts to monetary payment for Russia -Armenia gas transit instead of receiving in kind materials (10% of gas). Ms. Valishvili spoke about the negotiation process and said, that despite reducing financial benefits, new contract and form of monetary payment in particular, does not worsens long term energy security.

The workshop was organized by: Rondel foundation, Atlantic Council of Georgia, World Experience for Georgia – WEG, Coalition for Euro-Atlantic Georgia and EAP National Platform.