Final Report of Technology Needs Assessment Project

This Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) Mitigation Report was prepared by WEG in consultation with Georgian experts and with the technical support provided by UNEP Risoe Center for the Ministry of Environment Protection (MEP) of Georgia. The study was financed by GEF and was overseen by a steering committee organized by MEP.

This international project was implemented in 14 developing countries of South East Asia and Georgia. WEG experts were conducting the needs assessment for climate change mitigation technologies in Georgia. The project envisaged identification of priority sectors and selection of preferred technologies in compliance with country’s development priorities and the potential for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Within the project scope market and barriers analyses were conducted for the selected technologies. Relevant Technology Action Plans as well as Pilot Project proposals were developed.

The final report describes the process followed in the project as well as the main outcomes including description and economic analysis of various energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies; market maps and barrier analyses for selected technologies, pilot project ideas that may help effectively overcome the mentioned barriers.

Final Report