Energy Issues in Political Party Programs

WEG monitored and analyzed the energy provision of political party programs in the run up to the election in Georgia. The programs of 8 major parties were reviewed as follows: Georgian Dream, United National Movement, Free Democrats, Republican Party, Democratic Movement – United Georgia, Patriots’ Alliance, Labor Party and National Forum.

It was found, that the majority of programs do not have separate chapters on energy. Energy as a subsector of economic direction is included in the programs of Georgia Dream, Republicans’ Party and of Free Democrats.

The party programs were analyzed in 5 main directions:

  1. Energy Security, safety of energy distribution and diversification
  2. Energy tariffs and their determination
  3. Construction of infrastructure and investment environment
  4. Energy Sector Management
  5. Green Energy and Climate Change

Analysis revealed, that Statements regarding energy issues are rather general, mostly they lack argumentation and do not offer concrete actions for implementation of specific incentives or ideas. The positive tendency is that most of the parties do not offer populistic promises regarding tariff decrease, but strategic views, comprehensive analysis and calculations are still missing from the programs.

WEG has developed specific recommendations for political parties for consideration in future.