Energy Credit is provided by TBC bank ( to physical persons with 20% interest rate in GEL and maximal duration of 5 years to implement Energy Efficiency measures under EBRD financing. BP provides 15% subsidy upon proof of investment in EE measure.

Following the energy audits conducted under NATELI project, we have developed an Energy Credit Calculator , available in Georgian and English, for members of condominium associations to evaluate the benefits of taking an Energy Credit loan for identified Energy Efficiency (EE) measures.

The calculator is an Excel spreadsheet that allows to calculate Net Present Value, monthly cash flow, annual repayment and other parameters of different financing options, including own financing, energy credit or a combination of both. Part of the cells is kept open for the user to enter own estimates and project parameters (from the project Final Report ). By altering these variables one can analyze for himself the preferred financing option based on project parameters, availability of own funds and conditions of energy credit.

This is a tool for preliminary assessments, final decisions should be made only after consultation with the Bank.